Get to know Jim

Jim Gianatasio is an Account Manager who is fully committed to serving the Utilities Division. With a thriving 2-year experience at Sterling and a remarkable 16-year career in recruitment, Jim has established himself as a prominent figure in talent acquisition. His remarkable ability to connect with individuals and help them achieve their career goals is what sets him apart.

As an Account Manager in the Utilities Division, Jim's deep understanding of the industry's intricacies allows him to serve candidates and clients effectively. His expertise in navigating the sector's demands positions him as a strategic partner in facilitating impactful placements.

With 16 years of experience, Jim's journey in the recruitment landscape is marked by his unwavering commitment to connecting with people and helping them achieve their career goals. His genuine passion for fostering relationships aligns seamlessly with his role, enabling him to make lasting connections that drive professional growth.

Jim's advice reflects his philosophy on successful interviews: authenticity matters. He believes showcasing your true self during an interview can make a substantial impact, as personality and attitude often play pivotal roles in today's job market. He emphasizes the significance of demonstrating teamwork, coachability, and a desire for continuous learning, as these qualities can significantly influence hiring decisions.